Do you find that the bag you set off with in the morning is never quite big enough for what the day throws at you?


For example, your lap top bag won’t hold the groceries that you buy on your way home. Taking both a work bag and a sports bag to the office can be a pain. And when travelling, wouldn’t you prefer a bag that holds your cabin items as well as those last-minute impulse buys?


The Ohyo team and designer Felix Conran have created a new bag that grows with your day. The clever design makes it easy to switch between an office bag and a much larger bag.

The strap encircles the entire bag for extra durability.

OHYO 2Bag:

  • is a waterproof workbag that can hold a lap top, tablet and daily essentials (41cm x 30cm).
  • is an expanding sack to hold your groceries or to keep your gym kit separately (41cm x 54cm).
  • has two internal velcro secured pockets for your phone, keys and valuables.

It truly is a case (or bag) of one size fits all.

“There’s only one thing worse than a bag of plastic bags under your sink, and that’s a bag of re-usable bags that you never remember to take with you. I invented Ohyo Bag to adapt to whatever the day throws at you so you won’t need disposables.”  Guy Jeremiah, Ohyo MD.

Felix Conran (Ohyo Bag Designer), “I think we have a huge amount of responsibility as designers. It’s our job to consider everything and that includes where the product ends up… we don’t want to be designing landfill. I want to make objects that have a longer life-cycle than is expected of them because if you only need to buy something once, this is the ultimate in sustainability. 


The Ohyo bottle, like the bag, is designed with the environment in mind. While the bag reduces our need for plastic grocery bags; the Ohyo bottle, which conveniently collapses, makes tap water more convenient and reduces our reliance on bottled water.


Want to make it personal? Ask us about customising ten or more bags with your laser engraved steel plate on the leather badge.